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We really want our children to take pride in their appearance. Please ensure that your children are sent to school in suitable clothing. Our uniform consists of a royal blue sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan, white or royal blue polo shirt and grey or black trousers/skirt. Children should wear black shoes. Uniform can only be bought online following the unexpected closure of the Green Uniform Shop in town.

Hair bands should be plain and simple in style—large bows or bands with ears or horns are not permitted.
We ask that all clothing is clearly labelled: items that are named can be returned to their owners much more quickly.
Children are allowed to wear watches to school, however these should not be smartwatches that can be linked to phones or the internet. In addition medical bracelets/necklaces and a single set of stud earrings can also be worn. In line with current guidance, we require these items to be removed for PE. No make-up is permitted at anytime - this includes nail varnish.

Our PE kit consists of a Westfield PE top top and black shorts or jogging bottoms in colder weather. Indoor PE is in bare feet and outdoor PE requires trainers. We have house-coloured PE tops which identify the children's house. Families new to Westfield will know which house their child is in before they start. Beech is blue, Cedar is yellow, Elm is green and Oak is red.  

Brand new school uniform can currently only be purchased online. 

Due to the closure of the Green School Shop uniform can only be ordered online to your home address and is subject to a £6.50 delivery charge, even if you are only ordering one item (unless you are willing to drive to Peterborough that is).  This is not ideal, not a situation we expected to be in, are we are exploring avenues avilable to us to remedy this situation as soon as possible. Please accept our apologies for the circumstances we have temporarily found ourselves in through no fault of our own.

We regret that orders cannot be taken in person at the school office. Please contact us if you are unable to order online.